Meet The Founder

Robert Fredrickson is a Dad, Doctor, Consultant, Speaker, and now author! Currently residing in Central Texas, he’s educated and trained thousands of doctors and clinicians on the efficacy of high quality nutrition products. Robert is passionate about the nutrition and supplement space and loves finding new research to share with clinicians and the general public alike. Dr. Robert has a big vision of changing the health of over 1 million people by addressing one of the most overlooked yet critical health issues: Subclinical Magnesium Deficiency. Having faced his own health struggles, Robert is passionate about helping people achieve fast and effective results with high-quality nutrition products
From chronic pain to numerous injuries, he experienced a profound recovery after a functional medicine provider recommended clinical-grade supplements to him. This pivotal moment transformed his life and career, fueling his dedication to promoting health through quality nutrition. Robert's personal journey and professional expertise drive his mission to ensure that people have access to nutritional products that are not only backed by research and clinical evidence but also deliver tangible results quickly. Read on to discover why Robert is so committed to helping individuals find the best nutrition products to improve their health and well-being
Dr. Robert has a big vision of changing the health of over 1 million people, fixing one of the lowest-hanging fruit of underlying diseases in healthcare—subclinical magnesium deficiency. His philosophy is simple. Find out what is depleting you of Magnesium. Enrich the diet with whole, unprocessed foods, magnesium-rich foods, then supplement to get out the deficiency. Once you are at a point where you maintain optimal magnesium levels, you will notice that other areas of your life besides your health will start to improve as well. Dr. Fredrickson wants everyone in their situation to have a chance of having optimal health. Dr. Fredrickson wants you to know that getting healthy doesn’t have to break the bank, and maintaining peak micronutrient levels is easier than most people think.
Dr. Fredrickson wants everyone in their situation to have a chance of having optimal health. 

My Story

My personal journey with dietary supplements began much like many others: I was already taking vitamins and minerals that were cheap or on sale because I wanted to save money and thought all supplement products were equal. I didn't place much value on the differences in quality supplement products. This approach led to minimal improvements in my health, and I paid for it later.
After about five years into my sports medicine practice, and shortly after the birth of my first son, I started developing mysterious all over chronic pain, fatigue, and extreme hand pain. This forced me to research and find answers for my health. After countless imaging tests, prescriptions, and being told there was nothing wrong with me, I took matters into my own hands and ran lab work which confirmed I had elevations in a rheumatoid arthritis lab marker which also runs in my family. As a young kid,I witnessed first hand the crippling effects advanced stage rheumatoid arthritis had on my grandmother. As a new dad, young professional, and former athlete who has been extremely physically active my entire life, I vowed to do everything in my power to not have a debilitating autoimmune diagnosis slow me down.
After trying literally everything to get better, I was lucky to have a recommendation from one of my own patients to see a different type of doctor, one who practiced functional medicine. With nothing to lose at this point, I booked an appointment with this provider who changed my life for the better. After a thorough evaluation and advanced lab testing, I was placed on a plan that I am forever grateful for. When I finally started using high-quality, clinically-formulated supplements, my health and lab values dramatically improved, and fast! This transformation ignited a passion within me to share this knowledge and help educate the masses.
While the quality of vitamins and minerals is improving overall in the marketplace, there is still a lot of confusion in the supplement space in general. Consumers are often left wondering which products are truly effective and safe. That's where Barracuda Nutrition comes in. All of the products in the Barracuda Nutrition Emporium are considered clinical grade, which means the majority are exclusively found through a practitioner. These products are formulated to meet the highest standards of quality, efficacy, with clinical backing ensuring that you receive the best possible nutrition.
Dr. Robert Fredrickson, DNM, DC, has trained other clinicians in this practitioner supplement space for close to a decade, and now he is providing that same knowledge to the public. His goal is to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health through informed supplement choices. The name Barracuda Nutrition actually came from my son's name, Behr, who is fast in the water like a barracuda. I know how quickly the right products can transform your health, and Barracuda symbolizes our commitment to providing high-quality, clinically-backed products that can speed up your recovery and elevate your health to new levels.

From my family to yours, we thank you for choosing Barracuda Nutrition for your supplement needs, where your health and well-being are our top priority.